Hot Buns Bakery provides charming and delicious wedding cakes and desserts in the Pacific Northwest.


Baking Philosophy 

I believe in baked goods that are made from scratch, with love.  I think you can really taste the difference.  Coming from a long line of talented bakers, I had a great foundation in domestic arts and have honed my pastry skills on willing friends and coworkers for over a decade.

I don’t use fondant because it takes too much time and doesn’t taste good.  I just want to make a cake as good as your grandma’s, pure and honest and delicious.

-Abby Taylor

TEAM SEABROOK - Behind the scenes-00038 copy.jpg
The cake was an absolute hit with everyone! It was beautiful and delicious! You are such an awesome baker.
— Ruta
The most beautiful cake and as expected, amazing!!!!
— Amy
We were the envy of all at the restaurant with the birthday pie! One noted the lack of gelatin and the excessive amount of fruit. All high on your pie!
— Colleen
I had the BEST dessert table a bride could ever ask for. ... It was beautiful and everything was delicious! I tasted one of each and can’t even pick a favorite because they were all so good! The guests were raving!
— Kate
You make the Best Damn Cake! I’ll never forget how thrilled we were the night after our wedding to discover the third cake in a freezer, it hadn’t made it out to the party, and it was promptly devoured by the lucky remaining guests, before it could even thaw out! Nomnomnom! So good, even frozen!
— Kaila

Seabrook Styled Shoot video courtesy of Magical Touch Media